Coolest Miller Time Beer Can Cake

I was asked if I would make my favorite cousin in law a cake for her 4? birthday. I automatically knew what I wanted to do. She is a big Miller Light fan, and this party was going to be at a bar, so a big Miller Light beer can was perfect.

I thought this was going to be easy. I started with three 8″ round cakes. I cut each one in half, iced and doweled them so they would stay together.

I covered the cake with blue fondant and brushed it lightly with some silver to give it a metal look. I continued with my detail work for the rest of the can.

Next, time for the logo and I’d be done. I figured I could just have my local baker print me out a logo on edible paper and be done, but I was wrong. This is when I began to panic.

What was I going to do? The cake was going to be worthless without the logo.

Then, I got and idea. I remembered the edible sheets that Wilton sold. I bought red, blue, yellow, and white.  I printed the logo off the internet, sat down and for 4 hours used an exacto knife and cut out each color… VERY tedious work! I placed each cut out color together like a puzzle. I think it turned out better than a print out.

The last touch I added was edible glitter to give it the look of sweat on a can. Needless to say the birthday girl was extremely happy. Everyone was amazed at the detail. Just to see everyone’s reaction was worth all the time and effort.

Coolest Miller Time Beer Can Cake

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