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Coolest Monkey Birthday Cake Design

I was asked to make this Monkey Birthday Cake Design for a little boy who was having a jungle themed 2nd birthday party.

I got my inspiration from another cake on this site, so first I must say thank-you to them!

This has to be the most delicious cake I have made so far, I was so sad to have to give it away! I made a large round (for the head) an 1 mini round (for the ears) chocolate cake, very dense and rich, yum!

I had made a template earlier on baking paper, which I used to cut the cake and ears to the right shape. I used butter icing to stick the ears to the head. The cake is filled with a lovely rich chocolate whipped cream. I made 2 different shades of chocolate butter icing, one with a bit more chocolate in it to make it darker. The cake was then covered in a thin layer of chocolate butter icing.

I put the template back on the cake and pricked the outline of the eyes and face etc into the cake through the paper. Using the little holes as a guide, I star-tip piped the icing into the various areas. I did the eyes first them worked with the dark icing first from the base of the cake to the top, always working in full circles.

I made a little plain white butter icing for the eyes. I cut some palm leaves out of the kids craft paper and slid the gently under the cake. I made the name from sweetie mallow bananas.

Thanks again for the inspiration from the wonderful cakes on this site. I hope you enjoy mine just as much!

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