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Coolest Monkey Cake

My daughter wanted a zoo theme for her 2nd birthday and loves monkeys, so with the help of this site and my Mom, I created this monkey cake.

It started with the Wilton 3D bear mold and a 9×13 cake to use for “parts”. First we shaved the face to make it more monkey-like, then using frosting as glue, added ears & a tail cut out of the 9×13 cake. The frosting is just grocery store tub chocolate and white frosting tinted with food coloring.

The cupcakes are a combination of normal muffins and heart shaped muffins using a heart shaped muffin pan I have. We then decorated them as various animals – elephants, tigers and lions. The whiskers & mane are chocolate licorice cut into tiny strips while the eyes are M&Ms with a dot of frosting for the pupil.

Finally we cut letters for my daughters name, Liz, from the remainder of the 9×13 cake, frosted them and added the candles. It turned out great! Many of the kids wanted to hug the monkey or pick it up like a stuffed animal. Very time consuming, but well worth it.

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