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Coolest Monkey Cake

This monkey cake was for a first birthday party for a friend’s son, and the theme was monkeys. I used a Wilton monkey shaped cake pan for this.

I made the Wilton buttercream in white and also a set in chocolate. To make the light brown, I mixed a little of the chocolate in with some white until it was tan. The Wilton buttercreams are much thicker and easier to pipe than canned frosting, I think.

I frosted the whole cake white, then piped some of the the outline with the chocolate frosting, mostly the face first. I next did the face/muzzle area in light brown, smoothing it out. I filled in the body areas with the chocolate frosting using a star tip and the hands/feet with the tan frosting also with the star.

I actually piped the remaining outline in chocolate at the end to help define the different areas. The eyes I left white, but used black icing gel to make the eyes.

I thought it turned out really well and everyone at the party really liked it.

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  1. What recipe did you use for the actual cake as i have just purchased this pan to make my brothers 21st birthday cake for staurday and don’t know what recipe to use. Any help would be appreciated many thanks :-)


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