Coolest Monkey-ing Around Birthday Cake

This 1 year old had a big party with a big birthday cake. This cake was created using two 10″ squares for the bottom layer, two 8 inch squares on the middle layer and the top present layer was created out of Rice Krispy Treats.

Each layer was covered in colored marshmallow fondant, stacked using sticks to balance and avoid smashing the cakes below and wrapped with two alternating colored snake ropes made from marshmallow fondant. The basic shapes were then cut from MF and applied to each layer. The swirl ribbons and birthday present ribbon were made from MF also by adding Tylose powder to make them harden and hold their shape. The ribbons were simply cut and then wrapped around a pencil to create shape.

The monkey was created using gum paste, starting with basic shapes from the body all the way out to the eyes and smile. The topper was made by drilling small holes into various sizes of gumballs and sticking lollipop sticks in them.