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Yummiest Superhero Cake Ever

My son was 3 yrs old, loves all the marvel and DC comic Super Heroes, so it was only fitting to make a Super Hero cake. I searched the net for a dozen ideas and pictures of Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and Hulk pics and cakes so I could have plenty to refer to.

I really had no idea where to start, but I know I wanted the cake to be something you would want to devour unlike too much fondant which most people find too sweet. So I was going for butter cream and it was going to be a big cake. I had to outdo his previous years cake. I went further to buy a few figurines like Iron Man and Batman and toys as cake toppers so I could keep modelling fondant to a minimum.

These toys are really expensive and I was almost going to resort to modelling but stuck with the toys. I first created a large rectangular sponge cake in vanilla batter, separated it in half and added some cocoa and few tsps milk to the other half of the batter to get a chocolate sponge. I made a smaller square cake in just the same way. I made vanilla flavored frosting and just added powdered color to portions of it as I needed the colors.

The main colors were yellow and blue and so I covered each cake in its color and sandwiched with cream and then I heated a bit of the frosting on very low heat on the stove top with a little extra milk to get a smooth glaze. I poured this over the creamed cake for a smooth finish. It took me a good few hours to cover the cake. I was exhausted and 8 and a half months pregnant, but I couldn’t wait to get to the decorating bit and my little boy was worth it.

I used melted chocolate and butter cream to create the spiders web on the rectangular cake with a plastic bag and a small hole snipped in the corner. I then got pics of Superman and Spiderman’s badge, cut them out and placed on rolled out fondant and cut according to shape of the badge.

I molded the S for Superman and made a spider like I would with Plasticine, making the body separately and then the legs. I placed the square cake on top of the rectangular one and added the badges after I placed in the freezer for a while so it wouldn’t melt in my hand.

I tried the gel pens to draw but with the heat in summer it was melting…so I molded instead with the fondant again to create the badges. It was then just a matter of placement of the toys and writing on the happy birthday and putting on silver smarties to cover untidy corners.

My son was sitting in front and I in the back holding the cake on the way to the venue in blistering heat. He was grabbing bits of the butter cream as we drove and couldn’t get his eyes off the cake the entire time. I still have pics of him licking the cake with his entire hand, he could care less to play and didn’t want to leave the cake. I have never seen him like that before. It was hilarious! Everyone thought I had it made. All in all it was a fantastic success! and best of all everyone wanted a piece to take home as they could eat it all.

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