Coolest Popcorn Cupcakes

I made 24 Popcorn Cupcakes; both white and chocolate. I preferred the white because the chocolate didn’t really look like popcorn underneath. The popcorn is mini marshmallows cut in half with sterile scissors and then squished back together.

To make the band around the bottom I took a piece of paper and split it into 8 sections (horizontally) measured to the height of the cupcakes. Then I took a ruler and made blue and red stripes along with a piece of popcorn with the word popcorn on each strip. Then I photo copied it and printed like 4 more sheets. Then I just cut them out and taped them on (that was time consuming, so allow yourself plenty of time).

To finish them off, I took some watered down yellow food coloring and made the popcorn look a little more buttery.

Tip: Don’t go overboard on the butter- the cupcakes go soggy.

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  1. These are cute. I did similar ones for my daughter’s school last year. But I put all of them in a large popcorn container (that was filled with tissue paper), so all of the cupcakes were on top!


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