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Coolest My Little Pony Cake

This My Little Pony Cake was the first cake I ever made that was not completely a shaped pan. I did use the Wilton 3D duck shaped pan and an 11 X 14 sheet cake.

After all the cakes had cooled, I mixed some green and yellow food coloring with buttercream icing for the base of the cake. I the tried to carve out the duck shape into the top left corner and then sat the duck cake inside. I used pink stars, Wilton tip 16, for the pony, and piped a red mane and tail. I added icing where needed to try and make the duck look more like a pony. I also piped black for the eyes and nostrils and purple and red balloons on the pony itself.

For the bottom cake, I used Wilton cookie cutters for the letters of my daughter’s name and for the heart. I lightly pressed the letters then removed. I used Wilton tip #6 to pipe her name in black, then using tip 16, traced around them with pink and purple. I also piped the heart pink, with her age in black.

To finish off, I piped pink and purple flowers with green vines. The cake came out great. I did not, however, use a dowel, and so the pony tipped on the way to the party. But despite the fingerprints visible from fixing it, everyone liked it.

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