Coolest Bratz Birthday Cake

This Bratz Birthday Cake is a cookies n cream cake with cream cheese frosting. Start with boxed white cake mix, follow the directions and then fold in a cup or more of chopped Oreo cookies.

The frosting is store bought cream cheese, but I added about 1 tablespoon of Crisco and powdered sugar to thicken for decorating. I made 2 9×13 inch sheet cakes and then cut one in half for the top layer. The little Bratz tin came from Party City and I found some little make-up and trinkets from several different dollar stores.

The stuff that did not match the colors I was using, were put in the bottom of the tin for the party guests to each get some. When I got to the party site I also added more trinkets (little lipsticks, rings, nail polish) that matched all over the rest of the cake.

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