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Coolest National Animal Tiger Cake

This National Animal Tiger Cake is my son’s idea for his 8th birthday party because he loves animals. We live in India and on his 8th birthday, he wanted our national animal tiger on cake.

I baked one 9in and one 6 in circle cakes. After cakes cooled, I made two layers of each cake. Then stacked them on top of each other with chocolate filling in between to make a four layer cake (big cake at the base and small on top). Then I trimmed the top most layer of the cake to give a dome shape and used that trimming as ears. Then,I used whipped cream frosting of mustard and white color. Also used chocolate frosting with extra black color added to it for tiger stripes. The cake was chocolate and orange marble cake.

I looked at pictures of tiger for the tiger’s face and free handed it. I drew on the cake with my icing tips just as I had drawn on the paper. For eyes I used light green rolled fondant in small circle shape(or you can use light green frosting),black frosting and white color frosting. For tongue I used a cherry. And for nose pink frosting.

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