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Coolest Noah’s Ark Birthday Cake

I planned to make this Noah’s Ark cake for my little girl who was turning 3, months ahead of her birthday. And since I am a working mum, I started to make the fondant animals one month before the birthday party was to be held and kept them in an airtight Tupperware. As the days went by the collection of animals began to grow. Every time I had time, I would make a pair of an animal. I asked my little girl what animal she likes and many times I looked in my little girl’s story books to get ideas of how I should make my animals look and after each animal was made, I asked her what did she think it was just to make sure it looked like what it should be…hahaha! I actually flavored some of the colors of the fondant as i knew there would be guests in the party that liked to eat fondant. At the end of the party, as not all the fondant animals were eaten, there were guests who actually wanted to pack home the balance fondant animals. What a nice feeling cos then you feel all your effort was not wasted.

The cake was just rainbow butter cake. It was made in a square tin and later stacked, iced and cut into the desired shape. I then made strips of fondant and covered the base of the cake strip by strip. The top part of the cake is also butter cake and the roof is just Cadbury chocolate fingers, lined up side by side. Finally I just arranged the animals on the ark and iced her name onto the roof part of the cake. As we wanted the cake to be on “water” we used lime jello to make the “water” effect and candy strips to make wave effect.

My elder daughter and I enjoyed the decorating part of the cake and it was a joint effort. Good way of spending mother and daughter time. The whole process took quite long and was tiring but the end result proved that it was well worth the effort.

Coolest Noah's Ark Birthday Cake

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