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Coolest Noahs Ark Cake

This Noahs Ark Cake was done for a baby shower. The base is a 9 x 13 vanilla cake, covered with buttercream then topped with fondant. I rolled white, pastel blue and primary blue together to get the look of water. The ark portion is a Wilton’s football shaped pan filled with vanilla cake. I recommend using a mix and half of batter in the football pan to make it stand taller.

Cover with buttercream and lay the rolled fondant over. This is chocolate satin fondant for the ark. The cabin portion is two mini loaf pans baked off, covered with butercream and then covered with the fondant. The roof is two graham crackers covered in fondant. The animals are Wilton’s cupcake picks.

Very easy to do just takes a lot of time to roll the fondant. I did use a little tinted blue and white buttercream to make waves under the ark.

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  1. I think you did a really great job on the cake. I just don’t work too much in fondant and wonder if it could have been made in just buttercream.


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