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Cool Homemade Noah’s Ark Scene Cake

I made this Noah’s Ark cake for my son’s first birthday, his name is Noah, so it was an obvious choice!

I made a lemon cake in a loaf tin and cut some pieces off the ends at about a 30 deg angle to form the main boat shape. I then used these pieces to make the top piece and ladder which I stuck on with a little butter icing.

I iced the whole cake in lemon-flavoured butter icing (no need to add colour) before adding the door and his name with a piping bag and some blue butter icing.

I completed the cake with little sugar animals which I bought from Tesco.

It was a small cake, just right for our small family and a few friends, as we have no family near-by to help us celebrate. My son loved it and the photos are a great memento of his first birthday. Even better, it was so easy to make anyone could do it!

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