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Coolest Noah’s Ark Cake

Okay so this Noah’s Ark cake turned out to be a little time consuming. I made the animals a couple of days in advance so they would dry out a little. All free hand and I used food coloring mixed with a little water for painting.

The base cake was a sheet cake made out of carrot cake and blue cream cheese frosting. I used a couple of different shades of blue to make the water look more real. I made the boat out of an oval shaped roasting pan (it worked perfect), it was a butter cake. I covered it with chocolate fondant and made it look like it was wood and even made nail hole using a toothpick.

The top part of the boat I made in a bread pan and just cut it to shape. I used wire to make the dove look like it was flying over the boat. It turned out so cute.

Although right before I was to deliver the cake to the shower my 2 year old daughter got to it and ate the bird and part of the tiger and messed with the roof so in the pic you can kind of see it. I fixed it the best as I had time to do it in. I learned a lesson DON’T LEAVE THE CAKE ALONE EVEN FOR 1 MIN!

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