Simple Homemade Ocean Birthday Cake Design

My daughters (6&3) made and decorated this Ocean Cake Design by themselves. My oldest, 6 had a school carnival so she made this for the cake walk/cake decorating contest. We made a strawberry cake and added 3-4 drops of blue food coloring into the frosting frosted the cake. I help them cut Laffy Taffy, licorice, a sour straw, and a white airhead.

We frosted the cake and then crushed granola bar and wafer cookies in a plastic bag to make sand. Sprinkle sand on the bottom of the cake, added the green laffy taffy to make seaweed, used lifesaver gummies and licorice for the jellyfish, put store bought gummie sharks and Swedish fish. The girls piped a small amount of green frosting (again add green food color in vanilla frosting) to make star fish.

Feel free to use your imagination have fun.