Coolest Octopus Cake

This octopus cake is basically a slab cake (chocolate cake mix), topped with regular icing, then with marshmallow fondant tinted blue-green. I put a half-ball of chocolate cake (from a mold, it needed to be trimmed a bit to keep the proportion) on top of the slab cake, put a large skewer through it to keep it in place, topped it with icing, and again with marshmallow fondant (tinted peach).

I made the 8 legs separately, rolling the fondant like playdough and shaping the legs to make it look like the legs were moving. My son came up with the idea of having the octopus legs hold the candles. I added the head fondant after the legs were in place.

Once the octopus was done, I used red icing to add a bit of texture (little dots basically). I made the eyes with white fondant rolled into little balls, with the peach fondant around them. The black pupils were added with black icing (which was store bought).

For the seaweed, I used fruit roll up. The little fish were store bought and adhered to the cake with icing. I added the little coloured gummies on the bottom with icing too. Around the edges of the cake, I placed chocolate seashells and gummy octopi (the gummies were store bought, the seashells I made with molds). Toothpicks held the gummies in place, icing “glued” the chocolates in place.

I added the candles and the “happy birthday” letters.

The kids loved the octopus and even loved the taste of the marshmallow fondant. They also loved that there was a ton of candy on the cake and every child got to have some.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Octopus Cake”

  1. This is simply the best!!!!
    I’m going to try it. I’ve never worked with fondant before, so it will be a learning experience. I am soimpressed.

  2. My 20 year old son and I were delighted by your amazing octopus cake. When he was 5 years old I made a blue ring octopus cake for his birthday because he was obsessed with ocean life. (He was the one who requested that it be a blue ring because he thought that they were so cool). Thanks for bringing back some happy memories by sharing yours. Take care and best wishes for more happy times.

  3. My sister loves octopi! I am going to try this cake for her birthday. I’ve never done so much complicated stuff though.


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