For my son’s 4th birthday he wanted a dinosaur cake that was orange and blue, like Buddy on Dinosaur Train. I used a 13 inch round pan for the body, cut in half and stood together upright. I used a pampered chef small batter bowl for the head (cut in half) and the left over pieces and cut into different shapes to add more form to the neck and face. I used an eight inch round to cut pieces to make the tail and parts of the legs. I used vanilla frosting to stick the pieces together and a couple of skewers for added support. I crumb coated the whole thing and froze it overnight. I used vanilla frosting colored orange for the whole body and blue colored for accents. I piped part of the legs and feet with only a coupler. I used oreo thin crisps for the spikes on the back. He loved his dinosaur, we had left over cake for a week though!