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Coolest Otter Cake

I made this Otter Cake for my boyfriend’s 33rd birthday and he loved it! I took inspiration from other otter cakes I had seen (flickr has a good group where you can upload all sorts of animal cakes, although the ones on here are much more inspirational) and then created mine.

I baked it in a tray and used a paper template I had drawn to cut around and make arms, legs and a tail. Then I covered the whole thing in chocolate butter cream and used a fork to make a ‘wet fur’ look. I used a black tube of pre-bought icing to create eyes, nose and whiskers and drew an outline of the fish. I then made a pink glace icing to fill in the fish.

It took a while to dry, but I have to say I’m pleased with the results. My top tip is to cut out the basic shape and assemble it on your serving tray (I used a normal tea tray) and THEN glue the limbs / tail on with buttercream, before covering the whole thing. I also recommend testing out your icing colours, texture and even the cake taste on a bit of the off-cuts, first. (Yum!)

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