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Coolest Over the Hill Cake

This Over the Hill cake was two 11″x15″ chocolate cakes filled with cherry pie filling. It was iced with chocolate butter cream and covered with fondant. The fondant on the sides was tinted with a small amount of brown, and the top was tinted with moss green. The casket was made using 4 cakes made in the mini bar pan. They were also chocolate with cherry pie filling. It was iced in chocolate butter cream as well and covered with marbleized fondant, made by incompletely mixing white fondant with some black color.

The grass was tinted with Kelly green and piped with tip #233. I also used the Kelly green icing to pipe the leaves on the casket with tip #67. The flowers were made of white fondant, cut out with the small blossom cutter. The dinosaur was sculpted fondant, tinted orange. The borders were chocolate butter cream, piped with tip #21. The writing was piped with chocolate butter cream tinted black, using tip #3. The top of the casket says, “Here lies Jennifer’s youth,” in case it’s hard to read.

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