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Coolest Peppa Pig Fairy Cake

This Peppa Pig Fairy cake was a 3 layer chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge frosting.  Iced in white chocolate butter cream. I first put the blue for the sky icing on and let it set a bit in the fridge, then I used a grass tip to create the grass for Peppa to sit on.

Peppa herself was made a week prior so she would set and hold her shape.  There are tutorials on YouTube on how to make the figurines.  The cloud was made up of tiny balls of fondant rolled and stacked to form a cloud, then a thin layer of fondant layed over the to and press into the balls to mold the cloud.

The sun was a simple round and sun rays cut from yellow fondant.  The muddy puddle for the message was hand cut to a puddle shape and then words placed on top.  The candles were set in flowers using a plunger cutter.  The red flowers also were done with a plunger cutter and yellow cachous used as the flower center.

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