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Coolest Personalized Birthday Cake

One thing I really try to do when making a cake for someone’s birthday is to personalize it in such a way that is truly unique to their personality. A birthday cake shouldn’t simply be composed of it’s recipient’s favorite combination of flavors, it should speak of what kind of person they are. So when I am brainstorming of what I want a person’s cake to look like I ask myself these kind of questions:

1. What is this person passionate about (not necessarily career orientated, but in this case it really fit the person)

2. Does this person have a unique aptitude or hobby?

3. What sort of things do people associate with this person (the nice things)

Usually after this, I have a pretty good idea of what to make.

In this case, it was a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s mother. She is a woman of many talents so it was somewhat difficult to narrow it down to a specific aptitude or hobby, so I ended up using a combination on number 1 and number 3. She just so happens to work as a project manager and she is famously known in the family for bringing her amazing organizational skills to the table (literally) when making any sort of plans. Whether it be family vacations, putting together a garage sale, or going camping there will most certainly be a spread sheet to go along with that.

I wanted to create something that reflected that side of her personality and give it a more comedic twist and this is what I came up with. The spreadsheet was composed of an edible sticker I ordered online. The cake itself was lemon with a butter cream filling and covered with blue fondant.

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