This pink and black Damask cake is my favorite I have made so far and was one of my simpler ones. I baked three cakes. 12 inch, 10 inch, and 6 inch. I placed each cake on a cardboard cake board that were the exact sizes. Filled and iced each tier with butter cream.  The top and bottom one with white, the middle with pink. Using a viva paper towel I smoothed the butter cream by placing the paper towel against the cake and smoothing it with my hand.

I inserted 5 dowels in the bottom and middle tier and one in the top. I placed the tiers on top of each other. To decorate  I used an edible image with damask pattern and cut and wrapped it around the bottom tier and top tier. I added black fondant around the middle tier and used a plastic R decal  for the center. I piped black butter cream  around the bottom of each tier and added black chocolate candies all around.

To make the bow I rolled out and cut strips of fondant, using PVC pipe I hung the strips over and pinched at the bottom to seal and create loops. Once the loops were dry which I let them dry overnight I assembled them. To assemble I took chocolate and melted it and covered the cake pan with foil. I put a quarter size amount of chocolate and started placing my loops to my liking, adding more chocolate for each layer off loops. Once dried I peeled off the foil and  placed on the top.