I made this pirate skull cake for my Godson’s 3rd birthday. They were doing a pirate them. I got a couple of ideas off the internet and combined them in to this cake.

I used 2 and 1/2 8″ cakes and 2 and 1/2 6″ cakes. I made a vanilla cake from scratch and found it was much easier to work with than a box cake. It was denser and much easier to cut. I cut them in half horizontally and filled them with butter cream frosting. I also made my own butter cream frosting, the ones in the can do not harden.

Then I made marshmallow fondant. I cover the cake with butter cream frosting and then covered them in marshmallow fondant. I then colored the fondant and made all the details. Even the little balls are fondant (the black does kinda turn your teeth a little black at first).

It was a big hit! The kids loved the little balls of fondant the best. This has been my best cake yet. It does take some time with fondant, took me 6 hours so give yourself plenty of time.