Coolest Pizza Cake

I made this Pizza cake for my daughter’s seventh birthday which we celebrated with a “make-your-own” pizza party at a local pizzeria. It’s really more of a cookie than a cake.

We used a tube of the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and spread it with our hands in a disposable aluminum pizza pan. We baked it for about 8-9 minutes. We then colored regular vanilla icing with red food coloring, spread it all over the baked cookie dough and baked it again. The baking process made the red color much darker, which was good.

After that, we added white chocolate chips and baked it again for another 6-7 minutes. To simulate the pepperoni, we used fruit rollups that we cut into circles using an old plastic film canister. We used black licorice Dots candy for the olives; we sliced them into pieces and used a sturdy straw to cut out holes. The green peppers and onions were made from gumdrops, rolled out with sugar, sliced and bent into shape. Finally, we grated a few white chocolate chips to look like a dusting of parmigiana cheese.

We served it in a clean pizza box and used the licorice olives to hold the candles up. It was so much fun to make and also a big hit with both kids and adults! We served fifteen kids with it, since it’s really very sugary and more of a cookie than a cake, and they loved it. Thanks for the great ideas! I love the site!

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