Coolest Platypus Cake

My sister, brother-in-law and I made this Platypus cake for my son’s first birthday. It was inspired by his favorite toy, a stuffed platypus from Australia that we named Hodgepodge. Despite our best efforts, Hodgepodge’s bill took a beating during the teething months. Since our son loved to gnaw on the platypus so much, we thought we would give him a cake that he could really sink his teeth into, and he loved it!

This cake used 2 and 1/2 cake mixes. For the body, we baked two chocolate cake mixes in a large rectangular pan (roughly 5″w x 16″l x 4″h) that we purchased at a specialty cake shop. The pan can also be used for fire trucks and railroad cars. We used a knife to trim the body to look like a platypus, wrapped it in plastic wrap and foil and froze it for 4 days.

The day before the party, we thawed the body and baked another 1/2 chocolate cake mix in a round pan and cut out the tail from the round cake. We frosted the entire cake using whipped chocolate frosting. We followed up with dark chocolate fudge frosting squeezed from a pastry bag to make the fur. The bill and the webbed feet were made of fondant with a small amount of black food coloring.

16 thoughts on “Coolest Platypus Cake”

  1. Oh wow! I thought of making a cake shaped as a platypus for my boyfriends birthday. I had no idea it has been done before!! That looks great!

  2. I have seen a platypus for real over in Australia and I must say that your cake looks very real! Good job with the fur frosting!


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