This Polka Dot Cake was made by myself and a friend for a graduation party. The graduate wanted pink and brown because she loves the colors and wanted a unique cake.

We used 9 boxes of cake mix and two layers each of a 14 inch and 10 inch pan (so I’ve guessed). We used about 7lbs or better of store bought fondant colored with Wilton gel coloring (this process was less than fun- I spent two hours coloring all that pink!). The brown fondant was actually chocolate flavored (pre-colored) fondant from GoldasKitchen- ordered online. THAT saved tons of time. It’s hard to get dark colors!

We used homemade frosting to secure the fondant and a food paintbrush and very very little water to “glue” on the dots. My best advice for using fondant is to keep all water away from the cakes as it will leave shine wherever it splatters. Nothing more annoying than a finished cake with little splatters all over it!

I piped on Helen 2009 onto the flower leaves (we used a pizza cutter to cut them out).

Fun, time consuming, but the results were awesome!