Coolest Popcorn Bags Birthday Cupcakes

I made these Popcorn Bags Birthday Cupcakes for my son’s 7th birthday to take to school. They were a big hit.

First I just made 24 box cake mix vanilla cupcakes. Frosted them with white iciing. For the popcorn I cut up mini marshmallows in thirds and stuck them back together again. Then I took a couple of tablespoons of water and added a drop or two of yellow food coloring for the butter. I brushed them lightly with the “butter” and added the marshmallow popcorn to the top of each cupcake.

For the “bag” part I just made it on the computer. Striped strips about 1.5 inches high and 7 or 8 inches wide. And then photocopied them. Cut the strips out and then taped them around each cupcake. I served them up with a movie and “directors chair” napkins.

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  1. They came out really nice. I had the same idea with the food coloring but wasn’t sure if it would work. It looks very nice! Great job!!

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