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Coolest Popcorn Bucket Birthday Cake

My sister calls me telling me her son’s were having a movie night birthday party, asking me what kind of cake could I make? So I came up with, what else but a Popcorn Bucket Birthday Cake!

I used 4-10″ vanilla cake layers. Budget wise you can either use box cake mix or time wise you can buy them already made. Stack your layers with buttercream frosting in between each layer. Either use store bought or you can buy frosting from your local bakery. I used frosting from my local bakery on all my cakes. Use either straws or dowel rods to hold the layers together.

Then I cut at an angle into shape of either bowl or bucket. Use the scraps from sides of cake to build up the top to give it a full round shape. Frost your cake. I then used #5 writing tip to make the popcorn. Used # 104 flower tip to make trim on top of bowl. I used a cup to mark the lining of the circle in the center then traced it with icing. I took the label off the yellow sprinkles to make it look like the extra butter to sprinkle on top.

This cake was a big hit, everybody loved it!!

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