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Cool Homemade Popcorn Bucket Cake

Popcorn Bucket Cake

This cake was made for an end of school party. The theme was “Welcome Summer” with field trips to the movies and more.

The body of the cake is 4 round 8″ yellow cakes. Each cake was layered with vanilla frosting as ‘glue’. After it was fully frosted the cake was placed in the freezer to firm up.

Next, I dampened my hands with water and smooth out the bumps for a nice white finish.

Then, I measured twizzlers to the height of the cake and cut them with a knife. I pulled it apart to have thin and thick stripes. (I was later told it resembled a peppermint which could be an ideal for a Holiday cake)

After that,I attempted to add the word Popcorn in a variety of ways. At one point I had gel writing on a fig bar, but everything kept sliding off. In the end I simply wrote popcorn on the side. I wanted black letters but the store did not have it.

The popcorn was added by mixing kettle corn and cheese together. It is held on and ‘glued’ with frosting.

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