Coolest Popcorn Cake

This Popcorn cake I made for my daughter’s 12th birthday. I make my kids cakes and for others every year. Every year its a surprise and all the kids get a big kick out of it. So this time I made a bowl of popcorn for my daughter because she loves popcorn.

I baked the cake in a metal mixing bowl. After letting it cool for 30 min, I then covered it with butter cream frosting and then applied my rolled fondant (using her favorite color). I then began to make the popcorn by melting white chocolate and putting it in a piping bag (BE CAREFUL its HOT). I piped 3 round balls linking them together to make it resemble popcorn. Letting them cool for 10 minutes I then placed them on top of the cake.

To finish it off I hand painted with brown food coloring to resemble kernels. Let me tell ya it was a huge hit with the kids and grownups.

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