I made this princess castle birthday cake for our 3 year old Allison’s birthday party.  It consists of a 6 inch double layer fudge marble cake filled with chocolate fudge butter cream filling and a 10 inch fudge marble cake filled with chocolate fudge filling and then iced with purple butter cream frosting.  I purchased the Wilton Castle Cake set and Disney Princess stickers for the windows and doors.

I iced the turrets pink using cut out cookie icing so it was smooth and then sprinkled them with pink sugar to make them sparkle.  The rest of the flowers and details were done with rose, purple, orange and green butter cream decorating frosting and star, leave tips.  I also put white netting around the bottom to look like a cloud.  The big window above the front door also has a photo of Allison that printed and covered with contact paper.