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Coolest Princess Crown Birthday Cake 14

This Princess Crown Birthday Cake was my second fondant cake ever! And my first two-layer cake! I was determined to make my daughter’s 3rd birthday cake. I spent hours online researching how to make my own fondant and for easy designs. I found a design similar to this but they iced the triangles on with a metallic pink icing verses using fondant. I used a small square cookie cutter and turned it sideways to make the diamonds. I did not finish the edge of the cake since I covered it with the feather boa.

The tiara came with the small boa already glued on it. I found extra tall white candles at our local specialty paper/gift shop and placed them behind the crown. Although, it is a very simple cake it is a great one for beginners. It is a vanilla box cake with a homemade raspberry filling and crumbed in butter cream. It was a big hit with the family AND my daughter. I am so glad I went outside my comfort zone and gave it a try.

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