Coolest Princess Peach Cake

This birthday Princess Peach Cake was made for our neighbor, Sami’s, 11th birthday. Apparently Princess Peach, who is a character of Super Mario Brothers, is quite popular, especially amongst girls, yet there is very little out there in the way of figurines and other paraphernalia that could be used to build a cake design.

After searching for a good 3 weeks for some kind of idea, I decided to download a picture from the internet. Only one problem, I’m not an artist. So I called my local bakery and asked them for an idea to help me get the image on the actual cake. They offered to copy the photo for $8 or trace the image on wax paper with piping gel and then turn it over placing it on the cake to transfer the image. I chose option #2. This method gives you a good outline that you can then fill in any way you choose. You will not see the lines once the image is filled in.

NOTE! Be sure that you invert the image when you are tracing it because when you lay it on the cake it will be facing the opposite direction from what you are seeing in the original photo. Once you download the picture to your computer, you should be able to make those changes pretty easily.

This was a 2-layer 1/2 sheet of yellow cake with butter cream frosting and filling. I used pink marshmallows cut in half (top to bottom) to create a checkerboard type design along the sides. This helped to tie in to the Princess Peach persona as she races cars and motorcycles. I used a bright yellow base color frosting and used pink and blue spray frosting to create the tie-dye effect.

I added hot pink edible glitter to the bottom and other parts of her dress for extra effect.

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  1. Is it possible for you to make a hot pink/purple leopard print birthday cake. It’s for my daughter who will be turning 10 and the theme is leopard print. I was really impressed with the other cakes you have made. Let me know.



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