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Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake

I got the idea for the dogs on this Puppy Birthday Cake from the Wal-Mart bakery. They had small, loaf pan cakes and the whole loaf had been decorated like one of these puppies. They used very light whipped cream style frosting so there are some variations. The minute I saw them I thought of my niece, Faith. Almost two years later, after I had started dabbling in cake decorating, I tried it. For the dogs I used two mini loaf pan cakes to make up the bodies and then used a large star tip for the fur.

1 thought on “Coolest Puppy Birthday Cake”

  1. as for me the puppy cake is very pretty and looking very tasty i love dogs and i would do anything for my puppy and also for some children puppies are a great and the best gift you can give to them on their birthday or a puppy birthday cake which can be very alerting to everyone or you make a birthday cake for your puppy it will be very nice of you to do that i have loved that cake to the fullest and would love some more ideas for our Fancy Bakers Shop to select more for our customers.wow thank you for that cake idea.


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