Coolest Purse Cake

I made this purse cake for a little 13 year old birthday and she loved it. I made it with a 1/4 sheet cake pan and sectioned it off into 3 equal rectangle shape with the bottom a little bigger and the top smaller.

I used buttercream filling between each layer and then refrigerated it for about an hour then carved it out after it was carved I cooled it again, while rolling out my white fondant and then my black. I cut out the black strips a little smaller than I wanted them and placed with in a pattern shape. Then used the roller to flatten the black and the white fondant together.

I them took a piece of paper and outlined my shapes of the front and back of the purse and then cut the out using a blade knife out of my fondant. with a little sugar water they were placed on the cake them I did the same for my sides. The edges didn’t meet up perfectly but I knew I was going to add the lime green trim so It was fine on this design. I then took a piece of Viva paper and laid it wear the top flap of the purse would go and cut out the shape that I wanted.

Then cut out the fondant and placed it on with the side and glued for the straps to be placed. Then I rolled out the green and made the straps. I used the edge of a ruler to add the stitching detail and then place them on the cake. The make up was made out of gum paste and fondant mixture. All my fondant is home made marshmallow fondant.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Purse Cake”

  1. Looks awesome! I tried to make one for a girlfriend of mine but my cake fell apart when I cut it and tried to stack it. Can you tell me what cake recipe you used?

  2. I just subtract 1/4 of the water in my batter, I like a thick batter like white cake but I use the whole egg so it is a yellow color. I also had supports in the cake as well. Hope that helps.

  3. This cake is really a cool 13 year old cake. One question though, how did you make the zebra stripes? I have tried making them and can’t get them to look anything like a zebra.


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