Coolest Pyramid Cake

I made this pyramid cake for my son’s 7th birthday party. It was for an Indiana Jones themed party but it happened right before the new movie released so we had to improvise for the Indiana Jones theme party gear.

I made the cake using a pound cake mix and yellow cake for the pyramid and a regular yellow cake mix for for the sheet cake it sat on. I baked two 8×8 cake pans for the pyramid which was the pound cake mix and yellow cake mix mixed together. This added some firmness to the pyramid.

I froze the cake for one night and then stacked them and cut them into the pyramid shape. Be careful when cutting the cakes at an angle to save the cut off portions because they are flipped back up to make the top of the pyramid. It sounds really hard but is easy!

I frosted the cake with Wilton’s premade white icing I had colored to look like sand. I then cut lines in the icing to resemble bricks and topped it off with edible gold dust for some shimmer. I used crushed up graham crackers for the sand and used store bought toys for the Egyptian artifacts. The bugs were added during the party by my toddler so we left them but they worked since Indiana Jones doesn’t like bugs and snakes.

This cake served 12 kids and several adults. It was a huge hit! It was also the easiest cake I have ever made and I make cakes every year for my boys.

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  1. I am making a pyramid cake and I would like to know how high it was, before you added the top? Do you know?

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