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Coolest Spider Birthday Cake

I got the idea of this chocolate Spider Birthday Cake from various photos I saw online which I amalgamated into my own. I used a normal round spring form for the base and baked the round back of the spider in a Pyrex glass dish, using 1/2 the normal recipe again. This I stuck on the base cake with chocolate icing (50g butter/50g cocoa powder/300 g icing sugar and 4-5 tablespoons of milk).

I then cut the head out and used the remaining icing to cover everything. For legs, I used matchsticks (mints) and again stuck together with my choco icing. I then rolled out 500g of ready made white icing and piped a spiderweb onto it including a mini spider with ready made choco icing.

Finally, I sat the Spider cake on top and stuck the legs on. Eyes are made from white chocolate and fangs are small chocolate biscuit fingers. It was a great success at my son’s party, could also be good for Halloween. It took around 21/2 hours to make.

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