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Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

My daughter loves to take a bath and even more than baths loves her rubber ducks. So naturally for her first birthday party we went with a rubber ducky theme. I actually used this website to build my idea/ vision for this cake. My mom made all of our birthday cakes when we were kids. We pulled pictures out of coloring books and our favorite bedtime stories and she always came through. So I wanted my daughter’s birthday cake memories to be the same. I loved the tub idea seeing as how that is what sparked her love for her many rubber ducks anyway.

I used two identical Pyrex casserole pans for her cake and trimmed down the edges and cut out the center of the top cake. I used buttercream icing to make the water and had to cheat a little at the last minute and in an emergency run to the local Walmart was forced to use pre-made decorator’s icing to crumb coat the cake because of a lack of ingredients availiable. I even managed to find a milk chocolate duck to put in the water from the local Dollar Tree which was completely Easter time luck.

Never-the-less the cake was wonderful and everyone loved it. This was only my second hand made cake ever to make and I loved every minute of it. Even my 17 year old little brother and my 20 year old sister chipped in with the extras like the shampoo spill. All-in-all thanks for allowing me to borrow some of y’alls creativity, it truly helped me in the creation of my daughter’s first birthday cake.

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