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Coolest Safari Wagon Cake

This was for my brother’s 50th Birthday. He is an ardent game park goer and is a lion fanatic. He also loves his safari vehicle. Hence the theme of the cake. The cake itself is a rich fruit cake which is decorated with homemade fondant on the top and royal icing around the sides. The lions are made of marzipan, the stones and grass from sugarpaste. I also coloured coconut green to add to the grass/ground.

The vehicle is 80% made from marzipan and fondant icing. Because of the problem of weight as the cake had to be transported 50 miles away on rough roads, I cut the basic shape of the car from polystyrene and then covered that with marzipan and then green/white fondant icing. The bull bar/exhaust/running board were made from sugar paste and painted. The wheels from sugar paste and then I made the tires from non toxic children’s modeling clay which again helped with weight and was easier to apply tire patterns.

As to the figures, camera and binoculars – these I modeled from children’s modeling clay to avoid any breakage while transporting. The tree is made from sugar paste. The spotlight and headlights (not too visable) were glass 3D button inserted into sugar paste.