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Coolest Sandwich Birthday Cake Design

This Sandwich Birthday Cake Design was the first time I’d made a decorated cake and was really happy with how it turned out, which was very encouraging! This sandwich cake was also WHEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE!

I made this sandwich cake over 2 days using 2 square white layer cakes made with spelt flour, fondant & butter cream frosting.

-DAY 1-


I made the fondant by scratch by mixing 1 cup light corn syrup, 1 cup copha, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract and a few drops of almond essence. I then gradually kneaded in 2 pounds confectioners/icing sugar until it made a stiff dough.

I rolled enough fondant to cover the top of the sandwich then sectioned parts for colouring the cheese, bacon, pickle, olive and lettuce. It was a really hot day so I had to intermittently refrigerate the fondant when it would become oily. It’s much easier to work with when cooled and the oil has solidified. I dusted the bench and rolling pin with confectioners sugar to stop it sticking.


I made 2 frostings – a plain butter cream frosting for the crumb layer and a peanut butter cream frosting for the sandwich crust.

-DAY 2-


I trimmed the cake to be bread shaped, with it kind of mushrooming on top.


I put 1 of the flat trimmed cake layers on a board and crumb frosted the top and sides with the plain frosting. Then I peanut butter frosted the sides.


I layered and played with the pre-shaped fondant cheese, bacon, pickle and lettuce. I made sure the ingredients were over hanging the edges and some of everything was around the middle of the cake so it would look sandwich-like when cut.


I put the 2nd cake layer on top and plain frosted the top and sides. I draped a large piece of rolled fondant over the top and trimmed to the bread shape. Then I peanut butter cream frosted the crust, blending the edges in on top to give it that baked look.


I topped it off with a fondant olive, sandwich stick and a fondant pickle spear on the side.

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