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Coolest Scary Shark Birthday Cake

I started by making the Homemade Scary Shark Birthday Cake with a large batch of Rice Kripie treats. I formed it with my hands and carved the head and mouth with a serated bread knife. I made the dorsal and tail fins and attached them with grey tinted frosting and wooden skewers.

I frosted the inside of the mouth with black tinted frosting. I frosted the entire “shark” with grey tinted frosting and covered it and the tail fin with grey tinted fondant. I used red frosting for the bloody gums that held the teeth made with twisted white fondant. I painted black food color around the eyes and cut black jelly beans and pushed then in for the center of the eyes.

I made a figure with fondant and painted it and glued a small picture of my grandson’s face on it I placed him “in the water” and put the cage around him. I dipped pretzel sticks in grey tinted melted white chocolate to form the “Shark Cage”. I frosted a double layer 10 inch round cake with blue frosting using some white for white caps. I used chocolate rocks, goldfish crackers, Swedish jelly fish, to accent the sea and to put in the sharks mouth.

I made the seaweed with green frosting and used the leaf tip. I finished by setting the “Shark” on top and pushing the tail fin in back side of the cake. My grandchildren request special cakes and they know Grandma will always do her best to make it possible. This cake was time consuming but as always well worth it when I see the look on their face when they first see it !

Homemade Scary Shark Birthday Cake

Homemade Scary Shark Birthday Cake

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