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Coolest Shark Attack Cake

My daughter was having a shark themed sixth birthday party at a pool. I stumbled across this website which totally inspired me to make my own homemade shark attack cake. Her favorite was cake #21, so we modeled ours after that one.

I got the Wilton football mold, and the day before the party I made two cakes, one rectangle for the base and one football. I had read that it was a bit hard to cook a cake in the mold evenly since the middle is so much deeper than the sides. I did cook it quite a long time and it was probably darker brown on the top than I would have liked but it was solidly cooked throughout, which was my goal. I put it in the freezer over night.

The next day we cut and sculpted the football cake into the top of the shark and the bottom of the mouth, shaving a bit off the sides where the eyes go to make it more shark looking – it was helpful to look at a picture of a real shark when doing this. We then used one of the extra pieces as the top fin and suck a bamboo skewer through that and all the pieces of the cake to hold it together. It only needed the skewer to hold on the fin, as the rest of it was very solid.

I then frosted it using light blue for the top of the shark, dark blue for the water, and white and pink for the mouth. I didn’t frost the whole sheet cake beforehand – I put the shark on first and then frosted it. That looked fine but when cutting and serving it might have been nice to have a layer of frosting between the two cake parts.

The frosting I made was a little runny – I think I used a bit too much milk – but it gave it a sort of wet, watery look that actually looked pretty good. I used chocolate chips for eyes and I got the idea of using hot tamales as teeth from a cake on this site which looked great! I cut them into points and then stuck them to the cake with toothpicks.

Finally, the kids helped me decorate with a few sugar fish we had found at a baking store and some fish shaped sprinkles pouring out of the shark’s mouth. My husband came up with the brilliant idea of adding a playmobil diver to the shark’s mouth at the end as well.

The shark attack cake was a huge hit – my daughter loved it and even the lifeguards at the pool we coming over to check it out.

Homemade Shark Attack Cake

Homemade Shark Attack Cake

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