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Hungriest 3D Shark Cake Ever

My friend asked me to make a last-minute shark cake for her nine year old son!  I did an internet search for shark cakes, found a 3D idea and ran with it!

I started out by making a sheet cake for the base to make the shark more stable since the cake had to travel over 70 miles. I mixed blue glitter icing with the white butter cream icing to make the top of the cake look like waves. Then I sprayed the “waves” with metallic grey spray icing to give it a shimmer.

Then I made two football pan cakes for the shark. I leveled the bottom one to make it look like he was coming out of the water. Then I carved out his mouth a little so I could fit his “snack” inside his mouth. I lined his mouth with black icing, added the shark teeth I had made out of fondant and added his “snack”. Then I placed the top football on the bottom football with a layer of icing in between.

Once I had the shark “together”, I added the fins, which I made ahead of time out of blue fondant and lollipop sticks. Then I “painted” the fins with a toothbrush (a new one, of course!) using a mixture of the blue glitter icing and dark blue butter cream icing. Once the fins were in place and “painted”, I was ready to decorate the shark!

I covered the shark in dark blue “stars”, making sure to adhere the fins as I went. Then I gave him black butter cream eyes with little white slits and I sprayed the entire cake (cake board and all) with the metallic grey spray icing!

I am happy to say that the cake made it to it’s destination in one piece and her son absolutely LOVED the shark!!

Angled view of the finished cake.

Front view of the finished cake.

The finished product!

This is the water...made by mixing blue glitter icing with the white buttercream icing to make

The fins and teeth made with fondant and lollipop sticks.

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