Coolest Shark Jumping Out of the Water Cake

This Homemade Shark Jumping Out of the Water Cake was made with 3 boxes of white cake mix. One box was used for the water (base) in a square cake pan. The other two cake mixes were baked in a large glass measuring/mixing pitcher to make the shark.

The pitcher was too large for the whole shark so I cut about 1-1/2″ off the base (or the top because it would be turned upside down). I partially froze this piece to make it easier to carve out the head and mouth of the shark. I cut the mouth out and based it off of pictures of sharks jumping out of the water as best I could.

There was not enough cake to make the nose of the shark, so I cut out a piece of the leftover base for a pointier tip. I just used frosting to “glue” it onto the rest of it. Once I had the shark carved out I moved it onto the other base cake (unfrosted).

I then frosted the inside of the mouth of the shark with vanilla frosting. The next step was to roll out some red fondant and place it into the mouth of the shark. I cut around the edges and rolled it inward around the edges and made sure it was set with the frosting.

Next was to frost the front side of the shark with vanilla frosting and the back side with vanilla frosting that I colored gray with some food coloring gel. I used black fondant balls for the eyes and shaped nostrils out of the black fondant as well. Any dark-colored candy could work for the eyes.

Once the whole shark was frosted I then put in the teeth. They were made out of rectangular shaped pieces of Trident gum that I cut in half diagonally. I put a small amount of frosting on the bottom side to make them stick to the red fondant.

For the water I just made up two different colors of blue frosing and put the light color down first. I then put the dark blue down and swirled it. The name was made from letter cutters using the red fondant.

Homemade Shark Jumping Out of the Water Cake

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