Coolest Shamu Cake

I have a greeting card program that can do some pretty cool things and I was able to blow the whale up and use it as a template for this Shamu cake. I baked two marble cakes. One was a 11 by 15 and one a 9 by 13. I used the larger sheet cake for the middle and then used the remaining cake for the head and tail.

I used dark chocolate fudge icing, with black food coloring for the black effect. Using the template I made, I cut out all the white spots and placed them on the cake cut-out where they belonged. I then frosted the cake with the black icing and then peeled all the white paper off, revealing an empty spot where I filled in with white icing. I traced everything with black icing made by Wilton and used a black jelly bean for the eye.

I made the ocean waves around the whale by using three different colors in the piping bag, white, seagreen, and blue. Then, when I piped, they all came out looking like a perfect wave! The pictures of this part didn’t capture this too well, but it looked cool in person!

I used cardboard for the bottom, but I covered it in blue cellophane for the ocean effect.


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