Coolest Shark Cake

At school last year I made a sponge cake and decided to use the recipe to make a cake because I was bored. Sharks and Killer whales are my fave animals so I decided to make a Shark Cake. I looked at some other sharks on this site but didn’t really like any of them, so I made my own.

I used 2 square cake tins, but 1 rectangular 1 would be easier. I made a sponge then cut out the body, two fins together (bottom), dorsal fin and tail fin. I cut out a rounded triangle for the mouth and used white choc chips for teeth. I put roll out icing on the sponge and painted on blue food colouring except on the belly, which should be white. I sliced a blackcurrant wine gum for the eye and cut holes in the icing for gills.

If you can’t get the shapes right just look at a photo online and copy it. Da da!

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