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Coolest Shark Attack Cake Design

Sharks are big around here, so my son wanted a Jaws cake for his 10th birthday. After some internet searching we decided to use a football cake pan for the shark, set on a 9×13 cake as the ocean.

We used 2 cake mixes and baked both according to directions. Then we sliced the bottom of the football cake off at an angle, and used part of the cut off piece as the lower jaw and another part as the fin, which we held on to the back of the shark with wooden skewers.

We used a frosting press for all of the frosting. It took most of 3 cans total. We reserved some white frosting for the underside, tinted the rest of the frosting with neon blue for the water. When we were done with the blue, we added red and purple to the blue to make the gray for the shark. Once we finished with the gray, we were able to add more pink and red to it to make the color for the inside of the mouth, so we didn’t waste any frosting at all.

We used junior mints for the eyes, and cut mini-marshmallows into 3 pieces each for teeth, then made a swarm of gummy fish swimming away. Don’t forget to pipe frosting gills on the side. I made the cake the night before and stored it in the cold oven, but when we checked on it the next morning the fin had cracked and separated due to the weight of the frosting, so we had to add another skewer.

The Homemade Shark Attack Cake Design was a hit with the birthday boy. The worst part about the cake was writing on it, since I’m terrible at writing with frosting. My husband helped with the color tinting and the construction. I’m not very crafty, and this cake required more “engineering” than other cakes I’ve attempted, but it was actually pretty easy and fun to make, admire, and eat!

Homemade Shark Attack Cake Design

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  1. I was going to just put an edible image on the cake for my 6 year old grand. After seeing this I am inspired.

    I only wish there were more directions on how to cut the football shape for the shark, although with the great picture I should be able to figure it out.



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