My son Sean really loves Shaun the sheep and had dressed up as Shaun the Sheep for a dress-up party at school, so it was a no-brainer to decide what cake he should have for his 5th birthday last year.

The cake was a large rectangle chocolate cake when I started. I had printed off a Shaun the Sheep mask from the programme’s website to use as a direction. I started by cutting out the shape required, then using a smooth chocolate icing I added a few drops of black coloring and covered the whole cake, the hardest part was smoothing it.

For the eyes I used split in half Oreo biscuits and dark chocolate buttons. For the wool as his hair I used white marshmallows, for the mouth I used white icing and red icing. To make it really stand out on the white platter I lathered the left over white icing on the platter and sprinkled with green sprinkles to try and get a grassy background.

We took the cake to Kindergarten on his last day and it was a hit, all the teachers still comment about that cake when I see them. It has been my favorite cake to make as it made me smile making it.