Coolest Shusi Cake

I made this Shusi cake after being inspired by the many sushi cakes on this website! I used Twinkies, Swiss rolls, halved powdered donuts, gummi-bears, coconut and fruit roll-ups. I dusted the Swedish red fish in powdered sugar first so the scales would show more.

I made the sauce packets out of sections of graham cracker- just made a frosting out of powdered sugar and milk and glazed them. I froze them for a few minutes and then decorated.

This was fun and fast!

1 thought on “Coolest Shusi Cake”

  1. I’m usually not a fan of “food-shaped” cakes, but this is amazing. I really love that you used things like Twinkies and Swiss Rolls for the sushi instead of just fondant. Most people aren’t keen on the taste of fondant and wouldn’t want to eat the decorations, but you’ve created something pretty much everyone would enjoy! Thanks for the ideas!


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