Coolest Sushi Cakes and Lots of Specialty Cake Ideas

Coolest Specialty Cake Ideas

My husband wanted a specialty cake for our anniversary so I made him a sushi cake seeing as we were having sushi. I made a 9 x 13 cake and basically cut it in half for two plates and frosted it with buttercream icing. It would have been easier to decorate the sides with the … Read more

Cool Homemade Sushi Cake

Coolest Sushi Cake

I made this Sushi cake for a friend that has a mutual love for sushi! The board was just two layers of 9×13 white cake with white icing in between. It was then covered with white icing tinted with brown gel. The pieces of sushi were made with mini cupcakes (rolls) and mini bar cakes … Read more

Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

I made this sushi cake for my daughter who loves sushi. Thought it would be a great idea. It was fun and very easy to make. I used mini cupcakes to make round sushi. I used white icing and white sprinkles for the rice effect. I used fondant to make salmon and shrimp pieces. It … Read more

Coolest Sushi Cake 6

Sushi Cake

My husband bought me a sushi kit because I thought they were so cute. However neither one of us will eat sushi. So I Googled candy sushi, and surprised him one night for dinner with this sushi cake. They were fun to make, but really sweet so all you need is two or three per … Read more

Coolest Sushi Cake

Homemade Sushi Cake

My 14 year old son Drew and I needed to make a cake for a close friend’s birthday. He loves sushi so we decided on a Homemade Sushi Cake! I wanted to keep it simple but Drew wanted to go all out! We got some ideas on the web and added a few of our … Read more

Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

Homemade Sushi Birthday Cake

I made this Sushi Birthday Cake with mini cupcakes, rice crispie treats, white sprinkles, jelly beans and black fondant. The Negri pieces are rectangular Rice Crispie treats. Frosted them and then rolled them in white sprinkles. The fish are various Swedish Fish candies. Rolled out some black fondant and then wrapped it around the “negri” … Read more

Coolest Sushi Candy Birthday Cake

Sushi Candy Birthday Cake

My friends and I made this Sushi Candy birthday cake for my 30th Birthday party. The cake was actually a delicious store-bought chocolate ganauch cake, but the toppings were all sushi that we made ourselves at home. I did a lot of research online to get ideas. Sushi Rice: Rice Krispy Treats. They are surprisingly … Read more

Sushi Cake 1

I made this specialty cake for a friends birthday who loves sushi. The bottom is just a two layer cake. On top I added the sushi. The white roll is Twinkies iced with vanilla frosting and then rolled in coconut and sliced. Afterward I stuck cut up gummy candy in the cream center on the … Read more

Coolest Sushi Cupcakes

Homemade Sushi Cupcakes

I made these sushi cupcakes for a friend of mine who is a sushi fanatic. I got the idea from this site as well as a few other recipe sites. I actually just used a french vanilla box cake mix and divided the batter into both mini cupcake pans as well as mini loaf pans. … Read more

Sushi Cake 2

This was a specialty cake idea I came up with after looking at other sushi theme cakes. The cake is covered in buttercream frosting. Then I used fondant for the wasabi, chopsticks, platter seaweed and sashimi. The sashimi sits on top of molded rice crispy treats. The soy sauce is chocolate syrup with a little … Read more

Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

Homemade Sushi Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration to make this Sushi Birthday Cake from browsing the pictures on this website. The cake is one layer of German chocolate with buttercream frosting covered in fondant. I twisted white fondant with brown to make a bit of a wooden effect. The sushi on top is all made of fondant. I … Read more

Sushi Cake 3

I made a two layer chocolate cake with peanut butter and cookie filling. Sushi rolls are made of cake scraps cut with circle fondant cutter and/ or by hand. Flaked coconut was used for the “rice”. I also used dried fruit, nuts and fondant.